Price: €1,650 – €8,500

Ecolego is a powerful and flexible software tool for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic or probabilistic simulations. Ecolego can be used for conducting risk assessments of complex dynamic systems evolving over time with any number of species. Ecolego has specialised databases and other add-ons designed for the field of radiological risk assessment.

Features offered by Ecolego

New features in Ecolego
Graphical User Interface 
Numerical simulations of dynamic systems 
Probabilistic simulations  
Databases and data handling  


The Ecolego license includes the ODE Toolbox and the additional toolboxes can be purchased at additional cost. Below is a list and short descriptions of the toolboxes:

ODE toolbox

ODE toolbox

The ODE toolbox allows for creation and simulation of compartment models in Ecolego. Both linear and non-linear systems of ordinary differential equations are supported.

Ecolego Commercial and Academic licenses include the ODE toolbox.

This toolbox adds the following functionality to Ecolego:

  • The compartment building block representing a dependent variable or state.
  • The Transfer building block to model fluxes between compartments. Transfers can be linear, non-linear or discrete.
  • The transport sub-system which allows you to approximate partial differential equations in one dimension.
  • An extensive library of numerical solvers.
  • Batch simulations

Business areas

Ecolego’s primary use has been in conducting safety and risk assessments in the nuclear industry. However, it is a versatile software tool which has the potential to be applied across many other industries. 

Nuclear Industry

Ecolego’s wide array of high-powered capabilities have assist in developing safety justifications for licensing of nearly all types of radiological and nuclear facilities and activities.  

Mining Industry 

Ecolego has been applied to the mining sector in the past, but on a client/contract specific basis. The traditional customer in this sector is user of Ecolego (or Normalysa), when it comes to activities to be implemented at uranium (and other element) mining and legacy sites. There is a need and potential for safety/risk/environmental impact assessments regarding radionuclides in NORM industries such as copper and other non-uranium mining sites. 

The goal is to create models specific to the activities of a mine and its remediation which would be included into the model library and sold to customers as a specific product in conjunction with the Ecolego software license. Such models are expected to include: 

Contaminated land clients

In association with the aforementioned market segments, the contaminated land market would benefit from models including assessment of impacts of chemical or other hazards (biological, etc.) to the environment. Such models can be developed and included into the model library, for instance, for chemical transfer in connection to traditional waste management (landfills, etc.). 

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